Sunday, October 23, 2016

Big Cinnamon Buns

Blimey, Bob!
Buns for breakfast,
Buns for lunch,
Buns for a snack,
Buns for brunch.

The box says sell by Oct 2016.

I ate the whole box long before October was done.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Some Feel Good Ideas

Global Soap Project
Have you ever wondered what becomes of those tiny bars of soap that you leave behind in a motel room? There are, literally, millions of hotel/motel rooms in America. It is standard policy at most hotels to renew the soap supply in each room, each day. The used bar soap and half empty shampoo bottles used to tossed in the trash for their trip to the landfill. There are a great many of those discards now making their way, not to the landfill, but to those in need.
What an excellent idea and kudos to those carrying through the effort to bring cleanliness to the entire world!
Here  is another look at one of the recycling stations that take the used soap and makes it usable again.

Please take a moment of your time and watch these Happy, hopping baby lambs...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Window Socket-Do You Want to be Green?- Champagne Flutes

Window Socket
The window socket is a concept design for a portable solar energy collector. Check out the website!
It is a very cool idea! From reading the comments, I've come to the conclusion it isn't quite ready for marketing at the moment. There are some 'bugs' to work out in a few areas. There are the usual comments from the ones who think they know it all, the ones who have nothing concrete to add to the comments. But there are some comments from people who seem to know what they're talking about who don't think it can work, period.
I say if you have the capacity to think it up, you have the capacity to see your vision through to the end if you believe in it enough.
The article I've linked to will tell you all about this cool little device!

It could be a handy little critter to have around if they can make it work properly.

I love this comment:

Why aren't windows solar panels? or conductors of some sort to give us energy?

Yes, why aren't windows solar panels? That's an excellent question! I'm not knowledgeable enough about physics and things of that nature to know the answer to that question.

Surely they could turn skyscrapers into solar energy collectors, couldn't they?  There are an infinite number of windows the world over!

Do you want to be green?

Here is an article about one way you can decrease your carbon footprint. Have your groceries delivered. You can either listen to the 1:23 long audio or you can read the article at the link.

Champagne flutes made from 100% recycled glass. 

That's all from me today. I'll see if I can't do this more often. I kind of forgot I even had this blog!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fever; An Acrostic Poem

Acrostics are free verse poetry structured to spell out a word or group of words with the beginning letter of each line. 
Let's say were are going to write an acrostic to coincide with the word FEVER

Few folks feel fervent about
visual variances

I am quite fond of writing of writing acrostics to much longer groups of words. Sometimes the words end up in sync with the message in the text, sometimes they make no sense to one another at all! Totally disconnected. Only the letters of the title are needed to give it that title. A guideline more than a title, really. I could easily come up with a better name for most of them than the words used for inspiration.

Here's one I wrote earlier today while watching a documentary about kids in NYC and Sierra Leon discovering worlds far apart through the mail. They basically all became pen pals. I was eating strawberry ice cream and drinking hot tea while listening to Brownstone and Red Dirt on hulu. I played Solitaire online at the same time. 
Poetry comes from everywhere. The muse can come alive at any moment! If you aren't paying attention when the muse starts handing out the good stuff, you're throwing that good stuff away. You'll never be able to retrieve it from the trash can of the memory. Won't happen! Snag it while it's fresh! Snatch it from the muse as it is offered. It ain't all good stuff, but you won't know if you don't take it.

Little Black Kids, Hot Tea, Ice Cream and Solitaire

Love comes in all different forms.
I need it.
They need it.
The whole of mankind needs it.
Love cures and endures all.
Each of us needs it.

Black and white,
little and tall
all kids are special beings.
Certain systems implanted long ago
keep the love from being spread evenly.

Kindness in mail from New York to Serria Leon
instills in small souls the
decadence of love from afar,
simple acts of kindness bestowed.

Here I sit in the middle of it all.
Observing on film the spectacle to be.
There's love on paper, arriving to behold.

Time is a healer with helpers everywhere.
Endeavor to find the love anyway you can.
Alarms mean nothing if you can't hear them.

Ice on hearts
creates a banner opaque
endangering the warmth within.

Creative emotions override the hate,
reviving hope in written words from someone new.
Enemies become smaller in the scheme of it all
and babies play games on safe streets close to home.
Masses are saved from the atrocities of wars.

Alms of faith in questions asked,
necessary for knowledge in the heart to absorb.
Dreams come true in reality sometimes.

Spacing the words in the span of time,
over the miles those words steep into fine wine.
Love only multiplies the fires we tend in our minds.
Ink on paper brings it all alive.
Tales of life told by young minds
allowing another to know what binds
reasoning with life and
everyone benefits in kind.
1 December 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's Write Some Haikus

Haikus are three line poems, usually dealing with a subject of nature, though I go all over the spectrum when writing haikus. They consist of 17 syllables in lines of 5/7/5.
Today's picture inspiration:

rust defines its age
miles determine where its gone
scrap means rebirth

leaf bare trees, raining
rust growing steadily
chill winter's gray day

fire consumed the house
memories made still abound
 great big shed remains 

You may use this photograph anyway you wish.  You say you want to turn it to pink tones? Go for it! You want to cut that old car out and put it somewhere else? Go for it! Do anything you want with it! Sell a thousand of them if you can! If you do use it, please let me know what you've done with it. Just remember that I am a visual girl. I'd love to see a picture!

I'll tell you about the photo. The old Ranchero belonged to my brother in law. He died about 5 years ago and this car sat in his field next to my house, just rusting away. My sister decided it was time to do something with this old car so it was moved to my driveway where passersby could see it and know it was for sale. I took this picture that rainy winter day back in 2011. The car didn't go to the scrap man, though that could have been its fate. It was sold to a man whose goal was to restore it to its former glory. I do hope that is what is becoming of it! It's a rather cool old car!

Beings I took this picture, my haikus relate to the memories of the objects pictured, and the place the objects reside. 
The tree in background, behind the privacy fence, the tallest of the two, is no longer there. The one in front of the fence is a redbud tree. It's a beauty in late spring when it turns purple! One day this past summer two guys from the electric company came to my door asking if they could remove that dead tree. They were out cutting trees that were a hazard to the highwire lines. My tree wasn't a hazard to the highwire lines at all. It was dead as a door knob and a good twenty feet below the power lines! They made quick work of the tree business! They even cut the wood from that tree into lengths short enough to put in the woodburning stove in the garage after asking if they could do such. Nice young fellas! I live in the backwoods where folks still hand out kindness for no good reason, they didn't charge me a dime for the service! 

To be honest, I don't know if these fellas were just bored stiff with the day's tree trimming up and down the highway or if they were curious to see what was behind the wooden fence at the place on the highway with all the junk sitting around! I like the junk sitting around. Most of it doesn't even belong to me, but it's cool with me that it comes and goes. They had to go behind the fence to cut the tree down! They saw some cool junk on that patio the day the tree came down. I sold one of those young men a Big Wheel riding toy for $5. It was just sitting on the patio, out grown by all the grand kids and I needed the $5, he thought his kid needed the Big Wheel.
I got an entire house full of junk that is for sale! I never turn down a sale!

When they were done with my tree, they went two houses down the highway to my mother's house and cut down an even bigger dead tree in her driveway. That tree wasn't a hazard to the power lines either. And they cut it into short lengths to go in the wood burning stove in the garage. Ma asked them if they could do that. They obliged. They did not charge her for the service either!

Go write a haiku or two! 
Please share it in the comments!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Alphabetical Lists, General Concensus, REBEL, A Tip, Marilyn, and A Giraffe

I did a google search for alphabetical. I didn't notice just how many hits that gave, but the first one to catch my eye took me to a list of things in alphabetical order. I chose to look more closely at the list of cheeses.
I then chose one cheese for each letter of the English alphabet. I intend to look into this list more closely in the future. If this list inspires you to look more closely, please do share your findings in the comment section!
Types of cheeses listed from Z to A.

Zamora no
Yarg Cornish
X y n o t y r o
Waimata farmhouse blue
Jermi tortes

Cheese is OK. There are some folks who are afficanidos where cheese is concerned. I don't generally go anymore exotic than processed cheese made by a laughing cow. I prefer cheddar, jack, mozzerlla, parmesean...those I am familiar with in the natural cheese department. No one should eat processed cheese! It isn't really cheese at all. It's a mixture of oils and chemicals that tries very hard to mimic the properties of real cheese. Processed cheese will help to speed up the process of your demise! And still I eat it occasionally...

Art by designer Casey Girard…quite interesting!

Animals in alphabetical order. 

I really like the letter B.

What is the general consensus?
A consensus is an opinion or position agreed to by everyone in a group.

(If we could get everyone in the same group and of the same opinion we'd have it easy!)

In 100 words: REBEL

Reversing the visage
Ensures the raptures 
Everything is 

Reliving lies
Eventually ensures defeat.
Believing in love
Ensures the rebels
Lose their top scores.

Relief comes in many disguises.
Enemies come in many colors.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and
Everyone wants peace on earth.
Love conquers the wrong doers.

Rebels live in fear of greed.
Enlightenment comes from reverent needs.
Beasts are gentle in their natural state.
Equality takes the best of the bunch and
Leaves the rest to survive if they can.

Bake cakes.
Elephants live in jungles.
Leaves fall from trees.

I didn’t say it was going to make any sense…
You give it a try!  Tell me about the word REBEL in exactly 100 words. In any fashion you wish.

I live with a dog and a cat. Neither of them have opposible thumbs so this idea does not do me absolutely any good! They can't read, either! It is an excellent way to keep folks smiling! 

Andy Warhol’s Marilyn to play around with. There’s a nice audio clip of Warhol talking about the process of making his screen print of Marilyn Monroe. It’s a very short clip, but I enjoyed it.  It was fun to play with the interactive buttons! Gave me ideas!!!!

how to cartoon a giraffe and other animals.

Here is my rendition of the lesson. Get yourself some paper and a drawing instrument and let me see your rendition of the lesson. You needn't add color unless you want. It was a fun little drawing to do! No mistakes can be made in drawing! Just cut loose and see what happens!  You don’t like giraffes, you say? Well, how about some other critter?  The link gives you a few to choose from. I just happen to like giraffes and it was first on the list as well. Leave me a link to your giraffe!

That's it for the 23rd of July 2012. 
Tomorrow we'll explore something else. I've yet to decide just what we'll see or where we'll go. Every day is a surprise!
Be Well!