Monday, July 23, 2012

Alphabetical Lists, General Concensus, REBEL, A Tip, Marilyn, and A Giraffe

I did a google search for alphabetical. I didn't notice just how many hits that gave, but the first one to catch my eye took me to a list of things in alphabetical order. I chose to look more closely at the list of cheeses.
I then chose one cheese for each letter of the English alphabet. I intend to look into this list more closely in the future. If this list inspires you to look more closely, please do share your findings in the comment section!
Types of cheeses listed from Z to A.

Zamora no
Yarg Cornish
X y n o t y r o
Waimata farmhouse blue
Jermi tortes

Cheese is OK. There are some folks who are afficanidos where cheese is concerned. I don't generally go anymore exotic than processed cheese made by a laughing cow. I prefer cheddar, jack, mozzerlla, parmesean...those I am familiar with in the natural cheese department. No one should eat processed cheese! It isn't really cheese at all. It's a mixture of oils and chemicals that tries very hard to mimic the properties of real cheese. Processed cheese will help to speed up the process of your demise! And still I eat it occasionally...

Art by designer Casey Girard…quite interesting!

Animals in alphabetical order. 

I really like the letter B.

What is the general consensus?
A consensus is an opinion or position agreed to by everyone in a group.

(If we could get everyone in the same group and of the same opinion we'd have it easy!)

In 100 words: REBEL

Reversing the visage
Ensures the raptures 
Everything is 

Reliving lies
Eventually ensures defeat.
Believing in love
Ensures the rebels
Lose their top scores.

Relief comes in many disguises.
Enemies come in many colors.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and
Everyone wants peace on earth.
Love conquers the wrong doers.

Rebels live in fear of greed.
Enlightenment comes from reverent needs.
Beasts are gentle in their natural state.
Equality takes the best of the bunch and
Leaves the rest to survive if they can.

Bake cakes.
Elephants live in jungles.
Leaves fall from trees.

I didn’t say it was going to make any sense…
You give it a try!  Tell me about the word REBEL in exactly 100 words. In any fashion you wish.

I live with a dog and a cat. Neither of them have opposible thumbs so this idea does not do me absolutely any good! They can't read, either! It is an excellent way to keep folks smiling! 

Andy Warhol’s Marilyn to play around with. There’s a nice audio clip of Warhol talking about the process of making his screen print of Marilyn Monroe. It’s a very short clip, but I enjoyed it.  It was fun to play with the interactive buttons! Gave me ideas!!!!

how to cartoon a giraffe and other animals.

Here is my rendition of the lesson. Get yourself some paper and a drawing instrument and let me see your rendition of the lesson. You needn't add color unless you want. It was a fun little drawing to do! No mistakes can be made in drawing! Just cut loose and see what happens!  You don’t like giraffes, you say? Well, how about some other critter?  The link gives you a few to choose from. I just happen to like giraffes and it was first on the list as well. Leave me a link to your giraffe!

That's it for the 23rd of July 2012. 
Tomorrow we'll explore something else. I've yet to decide just what we'll see or where we'll go. Every day is a surprise!
Be Well!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Your Daily Dose probably won't come on a daily basis but I'll try to keep up with it as much as I can. What exactly is the Daily Dose?

It's a blog that points you in the direction of various things all over the interwebs that have caught my attention, made me think twice about something or is just a cool site to visit. I'll give you commentary on my thoughts about it all and let you give your thoughts about it in the comments section. And I hope you will take full advantage of it!

Nothing of interest today though, I just wanted to get the blog created and the first post posted so that tomorrow, after I've figured something out, I can start the fun!

I do hope you'll visit as often as you can.