Friday, May 31, 2013

Some Feel Good Ideas

Global Soap Project
Have you ever wondered what becomes of those tiny bars of soap that you leave behind in a motel room? There are, literally, millions of hotel/motel rooms in America. It is standard policy at most hotels to renew the soap supply in each room, each day. The used bar soap and half empty shampoo bottles used to tossed in the trash for their trip to the landfill. There are a great many of those discards now making their way, not to the landfill, but to those in need.
What an excellent idea and kudos to those carrying through the effort to bring cleanliness to the entire world!
Here  is another look at one of the recycling stations that take the used soap and makes it usable again.

Please take a moment of your time and watch these Happy, hopping baby lambs...